VMR Gladstone Base: 07 4972 3333 Duty Controller: 0417 681 921

Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladstone

Volunteers providing safety of life at sea

Base: 07 4972 3333

Call sign: VMR Gladstone on VHF channel 82

Duty Controller: 0417 681 921



All new members and those members not participating in Unit’s activities, will be classed as Associate Members, after paying an annual membership fee of $110.

What’s included:

  • If you breakdown on the water, we will assist wherever possible. We may also assist with towing. A limit is set on fuel costs ($750) for the rescue vessel with the member paying for any extra fuel used.
  • Membership is personal, so if you are on another boat you can still get assistance.
  • Associate members pay discounted fees on courses.

Reciprocal rights

VMR Gladstone (VMRG) Members
When rescued by another rescue organisation, for example another VMR or Coast Guard (CG) anywhere in the state of Queensland, we will reimburse any of our eligible members up to $300 towards their cost incurred for any one rescue on presentation of a receipt from the rescue organisation.

Eligibility for reciprocal rights as VMRG member will be determined under the following conditions:

  1. The member’s primary place of residence must be within the boundary of VMRG’s area of responsibility – between horizontal lines across Queensland from Cape Capricorn down to Bustard Head.
  2. VMRG must be the closest rescue organisation (VMR or Coast Guard) to their primary place of residence.
  3. VMRG Management Committee will assess eligibility for reciprocal rights and their decision is final.

Members of other rescue organisations

When VMRG rescues a member of another VMR or CG in Queensland:

  • VMRG will charge at the rate of 1.5 times the cost of fuel used by VMRG’s vessel in the rescue.
  • The cost of the rescue must be paid to VMRG.
  • That person may seek some reimbursement from their own VMR or CG where they are a member.

No rescue organisation membership

Where a person being rescued has no Queensland-based rescue organisation membership VMRG will charge a flat fee and a multiple of the cost of fuel used. Current fees and cost will be confirmed at time of rescue.

Remember to Log On and Off

Duty controller:  0417 681 921 Call sign: VMR Gladstone on VHF channel 82