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Summer is here and the holidays are fast approaching. This means many people will be taking their boats out for the first time in quite a while. To ensure your boat is ready to go, we have put together a simple list of important things you should consider checking. This list is not exhaustive of course, and every boat is different, but as a start you should check:

  • Anodes – is there enough left or is it time to replace your anodes?
  • Propellor, Bearings and Seals – start by checking the propellor(s) for damage and work backwards. Also make sure everything moves as it should.
  • Oil and Coolant Levels – check you have enough of both.
  • Spark Plugs – make sure they are clean and not damaged.
  • Air Cleaners – make sure they are not too dirty.
  • Batteries – visually inspect the battery, wires, and connections, then check the voltage.
  • Ladders and Swimming Platforms – check for any damage or corrosion that could cause them to fail.
  • Hull – check all over the hull for signs of damage and also check anything attached to the hull.
  • Decals – make sure both the boat’s name and registration are in good condition.
  • Monitoring Systems and Alarms – test each of these.
  • Radio and EPIRB – ask for a radio check and use the test button on the EPIRB.
  • Next Service Date – check when the next service is due to make sure you haven’t missed the service date, and to remind yourself of when it is, in case it is coming up soon.
  • Safety equipment – do you have everything you need and is it all in working order? For more information on this, see our earlier articles on safety equipment and equipment you are required to carry.

If you have any questions about boat checks, or anything else related to your boat, you can always contact Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladstone